Lodge Galen celebrates its 90th anniversary

The Lodge received its charter on the 22nd of February 1922 and celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2012. The occasion was marked with a formal dinner in the Halls in Ardery Street on Saturday 18th of February 2012.

The dinner was preceded by a Special Meeting. This was opened and in due and ancient form at 5pm prompt and received into the Lodge a large deputation of visiting Brethren headed by the Western Districts and included the Masters of all the Ardery Street Lodges as well as visitors from over 18 other lodges, from both within and outwith the Province. A second sizable deputation was then piped in, this time from Lodge Battlefield No 1258 who were to confer the Mark Ceremonial that evening

The final deputation of the evening from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow and was piped in to the tune of "the Garb of old Gaul" The Deputation was headed by the Substitute Provincial Grand Master John C McLean. He was accompanied on the evening by Substitute Provincial Grand Master Jim Peddie, Bro John F. Laing P.M, Bro Fred Quinn P.M and Bro Robin Shields P.M.  Also present was Bro George A.L. McEwan Past provincial Grand Master of Glasgow.

The assemblied Brethren were then treated to an excellent working of the Mark Ceremonial by Lodge Battelfield. The labours of the evening now completed, the Lodge was duly closed in due and ancient form and the assemblied Brethren enjoyed a hearty bill of fayre. This was followed by toasts and speeches. The Toast to the Lodge was given by the RWM of Lodge St Vincent Sandyford No 553, Bro. Billy Humphies and the reply by Bro James Guy PM. The toast to the vistors was supplied by Bro James Murray PM and the reply by RWM of Lodge Battlefield No 1258 Bro.Lawrence Healy PM. The evening was conclued with items of hamony and all agreed, it was a most excellent evening.

The Right Worshipful Master Bro William Fleming PM, Past masters, office bearers and Brethren of Lodge Galen would like to thank all the brethren who attended the evening and helped make the 90th Anniversary celebration such a memorable event.

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