Lodge Galen:  Burn's Suppers for the past 


We were lucky enough to receive some photo's of this interesting item from someone who contacted us through the web site.

It is a copy of the Lodge Galen Burn's Anniversary Supper program from the 26th of January 1926, which was just under 4 years from the founding of the Lodge in March 1922. It took place in the Grosvenor Restaurant, Gordon Street, Glasgow and although little is recorded of the events of the evening, the venue itself indicate it would have been a grand affair.


The Grosvenor Restaurant was located in the Grosvenor Building in Gordon Street, facing the main entrance to Glasgow's Central Station, in the very heart of the city. This building still exists today and was designed by one of Scottish most famous architects, Alexander "Greek" Thomson'. It was built in 1861 and was one of his earliest commercial works.


The program itself was signed on the inside, by all who attended on the evening including  Bro J.W. Logan who was the Right Worshipful Master at the time and the chairperson for the evening.

Lodge Galen still celebrates the immortal memory of our national bard every Janurary, at our regular January meeting.

This will be on fhe second Thursday of the month and takes the form of a short business meeting opening at 7.30pm, followed by a Burn's Harmony with guest speakers, singers and entertainment.

All masonic visitors will be made most welcome to the meeting and non-masonic guests are invited to attend at the harmony.

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