History of Lodge Galen, Glasgow, No 1285

In 1921 it was generally recognised by many members of the craft who were engaged in the professional and semi-professional pursuits, such as General Medical Practitioners, Dentists and Pharmacists, that because of their long hours of work and care of duty to the general public, it did not permit them to take an active part in the workings of Freemasonry so there was a call for a lodge meeting which could be held at a later starting time. 
On the 9th of September 1921, a meeting of a number of brethren who were interested in the formation of a new lodge was held in the pharmacy club rooms, 165 Hill Street, Garnethill, Glasgow. They were all convinced that it would be beneficial to proceed so it was unanimously agreed to petition the Grand lodge of Scotland with an application for a charter to be issued in the name of Lodge “Galen”, that the colour of the lodge clothing would be Royal Blue, and the starting time would be 8 o’clock.
A committee was appointed to carry out the necessary arrangements and they also appointed four of their number along with Bro George Mackay, P.M. of Lodge Langside No 955 as a sub-committee to consult with Bro Stevenson Cochran, the Provincial Grand Lodge secretary. The sub-committe set about obtaining the signatures of those who were desirous of becoming founder members, and an appeal was launched for voluntary contributions towards lodge furnishings.
On the 10th of October 1921, Brothers Thomas MacKinnon and George Mackay made an official approach to Lodge Langside No 955.  Two days later, on the 12th of October, they also paid a visit to Lodge St Vincent Sandyford No 553, with the request for each lodge to sponsor the petition to the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Both Lodges agreed unanimously. The petition for a charter to be granted in the name of Lodge Galen was submitted on the official form on Saturday 15th of October 1921 along with the a list of 62 founder members to the Provincial Grand Lodge secretary. 
At a meeting of the founder members on November 10th 1921 to report on the petitions progress, Bro George Mackay informed the brethren that at a meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow the petition had been approved, but not without some opposition. Lodge the Gael No 609 had raised their concerns that the name sounded too similar to their own and as both were going to meet in the same premises, it may cause some confusion to visiting brethren. However brother Mackay stated that he had written to the secretary of lodge the Gael promising to do all in the new lodge’s power to prevent any misunderstanding to visitors and avoid causing friction with the members of the Gael. For the first few years the name of Galen was pronounced with a hard accent and sounded more like “Gallon”.
A further meeting of the founder members was held on the 12th of January 1922 where Bro Thomas MacKinnon (master Nominate) reported that their had been a satisfactory response towards  the appeal for voluntary contributions towards lodge furnishings, and that all of the Office bearers elect had given a donation to cover the cost of the regalia for their office. It was also noted that the appeal had been supported by the chemists “Wholesale and Sundries House”. There was also an agreement that a dinner should be held prior to the consecration of the lodge with a suitable venue being sought.
The welcoming dinner took place at the hour of 5 o’clock in the evening, in the premises of Messrs Ferguson and Forrester restaurant, 77 Buchannan street Glasgow. In attendance there were a total of seventy seven brethren, including the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master along with the Provincial Grand Lodge office bearers who were all entertained by the Master, office bearers and brethren of the new lodge. Once all had been suitably fed and watered they made their way to the masonic chambers in West Regent Street where there was already a relatively large gathering of brethren from near and far. 

Lodge Galen was erected and consecrated at a meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow held on the 22nd march 1922, in the Masonic chambers 100 West Regent, Glasgow, G2 2QB, with the ceremony of consecration being performed by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow, Bro Alexander Archibald Hagart Speirs of Elderslie DL., J.P. ably assisted by the Rev Bro Dr D.A. Cameron Reid the Provincial Grand Lodge chaplain who delivered the oration and Bro Stevenson Cochran, the Provincial Grand Lodge secretary who read out the charter in favour of Lodge Galen and after the proclamation the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow was closed and the first meeting of Lodge Galen was convened.
The charter master of the lodge Bro Thomas McKinnon was presented by the Provincial Grand Lodge Director of Ceremonies for installation with the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow performing the installation duties. At a board of installed masters convened in the board room there were a total of 130 installed masters present, to witness Bro Thomas McKinnon being installed as the first master of the new lodge. During their absence the office bearers of the lodge were installed into their respective offices by the Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro John Adam. On their return the usual proclamations and songs of praise the newly installed Right Worshipful Master thanked the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master and his worthy deputation for their services and presented Brother A.A. Hagart Spiers of Elderslie with an antique silver mortar and pestle as a memento of the occasion. There were further presentations to the provincial deputation and the members of the lodge unanimously elected and conferred honorary membership on the Provincial Grand Master.
At the close of the meeting a traditional harmony board was opened with supper and refreshments being served. This was followed by the usual Loyal, and Masonic toasts and a strong programme of entertainments, including vocal and instrumental music, traditional poetry and readings which kept the brethren well amused way into the sma’ hours. 


Roll of Office Bearers 1922

Right Worshipful Master :              Bro.Thomas MacKinnon
Depute Master:                              Bro.Donald George MacKenzie
Substitute Master:                         Bro.Duncan Stewart Gowans
Senior Warden:                             Bro.John Wallace Logan
Junior Warden:                             Bro.John Brown
Secretary:                                     Bro.George Mackay P.M. 955
Treasurer:                                    Bro.William John Moffat
Benevolent Fund Treasurer:        Bro.George Shiach Kitchin
Chaplain:                                     Bro.William Wood Wilson
Senior Deacon:                           Bro.Thomas Stout Johnstone
Junior Deacon:                            Bro.John Dawson
Architect:                                     Bro.Alexander Beveridge
Jeweler:                                      Bro.Thomas Watt Millar
Bible Bearer:                              Bro.Charles Sutherland MacGregor
Director of Ceremonies:              Bro.Marcus Hope Stone
Sword bearer:                            Bro.Samuel Inglis
Director of Music:                      Bro.James Trotter
Marshall:                                  Bro.James Mitchell Hart
President of Stewards:              Bro.Alexander Taylor
Senior Steward:                        Bro.Alexander William Calder
Junior Steward:                         Bro.William Peebles
Inner Guard:                             Bro.Francis William Soddy
Tyler:                                       Bro.George McDonald McKenzie


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