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Posted by Ian D.M.MacKenzie on 30/01/2018   Email

I had the pleasure 3 years ago along with 3 other Canadian brethren of visiting Galen Lodge I now have 8 brethren including myself who would like to attend Galen Lodge #1285 on May 10th 2018. Is that possible. Thanks again Fraternally Yours R.W.Bro.Ian MacKenzie

Posted by Neil Harper on 08/09/2016

Just in the door from tonight's meeting. Thanks very much to all at Lodge Galen for their hospitality tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed the work from RWM John Dempster and his brethren from Lodge Langside 955. I had a great chat with your newest fellowcraft tonight and would like to echo the comments made by RWM David Quinn regarding him. Thanks also to the kitchen staff tonight for a lovely curry. Wasn't impressed by the raff eh i mean swindle lol. Finally a big thanks to Brother Ian for giving me a lift into town afterwards.Kind regards to all at Lodge Galen. Neil Harper RWM 347

Posted by Ronald L Gale on 29/10/2015   Email

Greetings from'Down Under'from a Past Master of Lodge Galen No 660 UGL of NSW, Australia, 1969/70

Posted by David McLay on 22/01/2015   Email

Fraternal Greetings from Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle No. 312. Great web site, easy to navigate and full of information.Hope to visit your Lodge again soon or indeed join once more with one of your visiting deputations on your many sojourns throughout Glasgow. A fantastic friendly Lodge which I have visited on a number of occasions - truly the essence of Freemasonry.

Posted by Robert C. Furie. WSW. 347 on 12/02/2014

RWM, last night I had the pleasure of attending the regular meeting of Lodge Battlefield 1258 where your Office Bearers conferred a most excellent Fellowcraft Degree. I particularly enjoyed the lecture of the tracing board which was one of the best I have heard. I look forward to coming along to your own regular meeting in the near future.

Posted by PM Peter Christensen on 22/07/2013   Email

From all the brethren of Lodge St Vincent Sandayford 553 we would like to send our condolences to Lodge Galen 1285 for the passing of PM Bro Norrie Munro to the great lodge above, Norrie was a true gentleman in every sense of the word and epitomised what freemasonry was all about. It will not be the same at Lodge Galens harmonay when Norrie is not their to kick off proceedings with his Al Jolson songs. He will be sorely missed but not forgotten! Rest in peace Norrie. PM Bro Peter Christensen of Lodge St Vincent Sandyford 553.

Posted by Bro. Peter Crowe on 20/07/2013   Email

Fraternal greetings from Philanthropic Lodge F. & A.M. (1760) in Marblehead, Massachusetts (Grand Lodge of Massachusetts) USA Great site Brethren!

Posted by W.agnew on 19/06/2013   Email

Nice site well done see you all soon

Posted by PM Bro Peter Christensen on 22/05/2013   Email

RWM Bro Fredric Quinn, It seems my last few sentences have been lost in cyberspace as I had used them all up in my last message! Apologies, To carry on from when you asked me to say a few words, As i stood in the east I was overcome with emulsion! Joking apart I would like to thank every member of Lodge Galen 1285 for making that evening one of the high lights of my masonic career. PM Bro Peter Christensen Lodge St Vincent Sandyford 553

Posted by PM Bro Peter Christensen on 13/05/2013   Email

RWM Bro Fredric Quinn I would personally like to thank you and the brethren of Lodge Galen 1285 for choosing me as a honorary member of this your fine lodge, When DOC PM Bro David Quinn came from East to the body of the hall and asked me to assist him to the west, I think the expression on my face said it all that I never had any idea what was going on!. I appreciated the very kind words from you RWM about the support I had given to lodge Galen over the past few years for that I thank you, But the icing on the cake for me was being obligated by PM Bro Gordon McPhee, As you know PM Bro Gordon and I were masters at the same time, and together between our two lodges we managed to raise some outstanding amounts of money for our chosen Charity's, through charity walks up and down hills through all types of weathers and at the end of the day sharing a wee sherry or two witch cemented our friendship, And when yourself RWM escorted me up to the east and asked if I would like to say a few words

Posted by NEIL HARPER PM 347 on 11/04/2013

Hi all, Was hoping to caome along and visit tonight but i have a 5am start for a funeral in Aberdeen tomorrow morning so will have to miss out. Hopefully catch up with you all soon. Have a good night.

Posted by CHRISTOPHER J CARSON on 22/01/2013

What a great website ,and brilliant lodge heritage keep up the good work lodge Gallen in that fine city of Glasgow , fraternal greetings from st Patricks union lodge of 367 Downpatrick, Signing off now brother Revd C J Carson.

Posted by Peter Christensen on 14/01/2013   Email

Many thanks to your WSW Bor Gordon McPhee for simply one of the best toast to a lodge i have ever heard, The amount of time,effort and research Bro Gordon put into it was outstanding!, But for me what made the toast so memorable was the enthusiasm and fondness he had for my Mother Lodge witch reflected in the very way he delivered it(pure class) by the way. And from every member of Lodge St Vincent Sandyford 553 we thank you. PM Bro P W Christensen Lodge Almoner.

Posted by IPM P W Christensen on 05/11/2012   Email

My i add a personal note of thanks to IPM Gordon McPhee and Bro David Quinn of Lodge Galen,PM Lodge Blyswood 817 for assisting Lodge St Vincent Sandyford 553 in carrying out the Fellow Craft Degree at Lodge Western 1346 on Friday 2nd November, Your IPM Gordon helped with Jnr Deacon and a magnificent tools, Bro David did the prayer and outstanding signs and knocks, Witch made my job of Conferring Master an absolute pleasure, But more importantly was the support the brethren of Lodge Galen gave to us on the night, Many many thanks! IPM P W Christensen

Posted by Christopher Burt on 15/08/2012   Email

I'd like to say hello and offer fraternal greetings from south of the border. The late John Connolly PM was my wifes cousin and one of my best friends. I'd love to recite some of the tales from when we were in our late teens and early twenties, but they may be innappropriate for this site. He was a true gentleman, who offered his own specialist advice to an English boy when exploring Glasgows nightlife in the 80's. The nightbus to Easterhouse was something special with John. I'd love to meet up sometime. I visit Glasgow a couple of times a year. Fraternally, Christopher Burt MM, St Peter and St Pauls Lodge No 1410, Province of Buckinghamshire.

Posted by Graham D'Arcy on 03/04/2012   Email

Just having a look, quite interesting, will try to visit. My Brother-In-Law from Bury St Edmunds was at your Installation. I am Secretary of Lodge Blythswood 817 and a PM of 1194. Used to visit St Vincent Sandyford regularly !!! Regards and Fraternal Greetings !!!

Posted by alan duthie on 10/03/2012   Email

very nice website.. i will need to try and get back up to the lodge as ive not been since scott mcqueen went into the chair of ks.. hopefully see you guys soon

Posted by RWM St Vincent Sandyford on 13/06/2011   Email

Many many thanks to the brethren of lodge Galen for their support of lodge St Vincent Sandyford family fish supper dance, it was a great night! and we managed to raise £400 with a very generous donation of £120 from Loge Galen. And on behalf of all the brethren of St Vincent we thank you. Kind Regards RWM Peter W Christensen

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