Meeting Syllabus 2018

                                                       Regular meeting times:

                                       2nd Thursday of the month: September - May: 7.30pm 
                                              (Visitations & Social events are listed below)

 Date                                                                  Meeting

 Thurs 11th  Jan 2018              Regular meeting followed by Annual Burns Harmony

 Thurs 8th Feb 2018                 1st Degree by Lodge Office Bearers

Thurs 8th March 2018             PGL Visitation + 2nd Degree by Lodge Langside No 955

Thurs 12th April 2018             2nd degree by Patrick St. Marys Lodge No 117

                                                        followed by "famous Cheese & Wine Harmony"

Thurs 10th May 2018                                3rd Degree by Lodge St Johns Whiteinch No 683 

                                                                                         (visiting Brethren from Canada attending)

Thurs 14th June 2018                                  Special Meeting

                                                Mark ceremonial by Lodge St George, Glasgow No 333


Thurs 13th Sept 2018                  3rd Degree by Lodge Cadder Freestone No 1584

                                                        followed by "Curry Harmony"

Thurs 11th Oct 2018                    Annual General meeting & election of Office Bearers

Thurs 9th Nov  2017                    Mark ceremonial by Lodge Battlefield No 1258 

           Nov 2018                          Annual Installation of Office Bearers        

                                                                    4pm prompt 

                                                                (last alarm 4:15pm)

                                        Visitations 2017 

Date                                             Lodge                                                              Event 

Wed  31st Jan 2018                Lodge Anima No 1223                                   to confer 3rd degree

Wed 28th Feb 2018                Lodge St George, Glasgow  No333              to confer 3rd degree

Wed 18th April 2018              Partick St. Mary's Lodge No 117                   to confer 3rd degree

Tues 8th May                      Lodge Curragh Emerald, Dublin No 397 (IC)   non-working

Wed 5th Sept                       Patrick St. Marys Lodge No 117                       to confer  3rd degree

Tues 9th Oct                        Lodge Battlefield No 1258                                to confer 2nd Degree

Mon 22nd Oct                      Lodge Riddrie No 1340                                     to confer 1st Degree

                                  Social Events 2017 (see News Page for details)

Date                                             Event                                             Location     

Sat  23rd June             Trip to Glasgow Beer Festival     Briggait Centre, Merchant City, G1 5HZ

Sat 15th Sept               Lodge Race Night                               Ardery St Hall 6:30 for 7pm  

Sat 6th Oct 2018          PGL Annual Diner Dance                   Glynnhill Hotel, Renfrew

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